Mayapple grounds landscape

Mission Statement

Cultivating imagination and intellect in children from a Non-Western cultural and historical perspective through international educational experiences. There will be a focus on climate change education as the primary science component, and world history from a non-western perspective with a focus on cosmopolitanism and encouraging children to be young citizens of the world.

Who Can Enroll?

MCWS is currently enrolling children who will be 4-8 years old.


MCWS programs will take place in diverse areas of the world including, but not limited to: Petra, Jordan; Egypt; Kenya, Africa; Antarctica, Machu Pichu, Peru, etc.


Mayapple World School faculty members are experts in their field who can deliver interactive experiences for an early childhood audience; cultural historians and scientists will figure prominently in the MWS faculty.


Each child must be accompanied by a primary caregiver; no exceptions will be made.

Dates and Segments

The Mayapple Center World School will offer ten-day to two-week programs that fall outside of the regular academic calendar, ensuring that children will be able to attend their regular schools. For a select group that would like to enroll in MCWS, A Certificate of Achievement will be established. Additional programs will be added with independent study work in between trips.


TBD. International airfare, hotels, meals, transfers, and tuition will be included in the fees.

Certificate of Achievement and Enrollment

Each child that participates in a program will receive a Certificate of Achievement and Enrollment.


Director: Michelle B. Slater, Ph.D.
Administrator: Hayleigh Reifeiss
Faculty: TBD